product or service, writing a blog post about the contest and the winner is a good way to get more information about it on your website. Its sufficient to provide screenshots, spreadsheets or videos of a computer process that chooses at random here Ive shared ten free tools that can choose a random winner. Depending on the type of contest, youre either going to choose a random winner, or the person who best met the requirements for the contest (e.g. Facebook Contest Tip: You want to find a good balance here, such that participants are required to invest a little bit of time signing up, but not so much that theyre going to become discouraged or frustrated. . Offer a Relevant Prize The prize should also be something relevant to your business. More Giveaway Advice Tags: facebook campaign, Facebook Giveaway Campaigns, facebook marketing, Social Media Campaigns, social media giveaway campaigns. So, to capitalize on that, I suggest sticking to 3-7 days. Easy to set up and run This campaign takes less than 5 minutes to set. In addition, you can use a search term for example to choose your random winner from people who commented with the correct answer. A spreadsheet of email addresses. As a bonus, they were able to tie in the promotion of their new Ohio State tees. Structure your contest so that people must provide an email address to enter. Blog : Write a blog post about the contest, giving details about the prizes, motivation for the contest, rules etc. Create a post with the winner s name on it and tag them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure they know they won. . 3 Great Facebook Giveaway Campaign #3: Homage Goal: Boost Engagement About the business: Homage is an online retailer of t-shirts and sportwear. Invest in the Prize Although you may be hesitant to invest so much into contest prizes, think of the return on investment you will generate from this ke sure to allocate an appropriate amount towards a prize. Examples of goals driven. You can also use their. Pick Giveaway Winner. Org, this is the best way to choose your winner if you have access to a numbered list. M (see my guide on how to run an Instagram giveaway ). They didnt need to create an image (although it would be a nice touch) or communicate complicated entry steps, because they kept the campaign dead simple. For example, many businesses will give away something like a free iPad. Tell your friends to like us so you can find out sooner Optimize Posting Time For optimal engagement, Mario Badescu could have scheduled their posts at the best time to post on Facebook for their audience. Facebook contest should have a goal. Enter the tweet URL to select a random retweet (you can only link to one tweet for this method). GetComBot GetComBot is an easy way to choose a winner for an Instagram comment prize draw. Simply click the arrow, paste in your list of names and click to select one at random from the spinning wheel. If you collected their contact information like an email address, send them an email. And since Facebook is the most popular social media site out there, dont let this opportunity go to waste! Step 6: Announce the Facebook Contest Winner When choosing the winner, make sure to announce it on the Facebook contest page and elsewhere so that people can see the contest has clearly ended. Theyve grown to 92,000 Facebook likes since they joined the platform in June 2009. About the giveaway: They offered a 10 discount on skin care for a year to everyone who entered their contest (not to mention a chance to win free skin care for that year). If youre getting 1,000 new page likes from people who will not become customers, your Facebook contest is not helping your business. Relevant Coupon Code, their code share is directly related to the objective of this giveaway, which is to grow their following. YouTube Random Comment Picker Use this tool to select a winner from anyone whos left a comment on a YouTube video.

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Enter the URL link for any public. You might require one or more of the following. Choose the Contest baby shower giveaway tags Winner Facebook contests are exciting.