social media to help spread the word about your contest to relevant traffic with the potential to turn into new customers. A guest post from Olivia from. Think offering a book related to your blogs niche or topic for your blog contest prize. When youre creating your after-contest email key drips, you can segment your entrants based on this new information, allowing you to better personalize your marketing efforts. Products Related to Your Blog. Additional Entrecard members will be very interested in this type of contest. Because participants are rewarded with extra entries for sharing your social media giveaway with other people, theyre incentivized to engage with your brand and contest on social media. Grab this: Best 8 Trusted Websites to Make Money Online from Home. A referral contest helps you generate massive social engagement. Because of this, you may want to consider running your social media giveaway within a Facebook tab, making it more accessible to potential entrants who visit your page for other reasons. We love photo contests because they get your entrants invested - contestants are more invested when theyve created something themselves. We love contests here at Wishpond because theyre one of the best ways a business can interact with their fans, build a strong community, and generate leads to turn into sales. Lots of entrants want to determine the value of the prize in contests they enter - adding multiple prizes together can boost the subjective value. Of course, these people will only be potential customers if theyre interested in your industry. Its one of our social media giveaway best practices, and we use it every day in the campaigns we run for our many clients. And it is, but its also incredibly enticing and can help you build a huge list of leads after your contest is over. Attention: 5 Vital Services Bloggers Should Invest in for Executing Successful Marketing Campaigns. Basically, it takes something that can be quite vague (i.e. Fortunately, there will still be some entrants who saw enough value in your blog to stick around. I love this prize idea specifically because its attention-grabbing - a year of anything is an intriguing prize idea. On top of that, photo contests help you collect user-generated content that you can use in your future marketing efforts. Marketing giveaway ideas include event freebies, awareness events, school fundraising, team use, co-branded giveaways, and tailgates. The day my giveaway ended, I had 6x the RSS subscribers and followers on Twitter than what I had started with. Keep it short, i found that one week is a good time limit. Lets look at some prize ideas. There are many blogs devoted to listing giveaways, but most of them are a waste of time. This makes your contest feel more relevant - someone is more likely to enter a contest if its related to something theyre already thinking about.

What comes simply to supplies you might be a precious prize to someone else. This theme could be a holiday think Christmas. Prizes dont have to be big to be attractive to your blogs readers. Plus, or what have you of a certain product. Only 17 of the entrants did a bonus option. We know that it can be tough to turn social media engagement into sales. Youre now reaching a new untapped segment of your target market meaning more potential customers. Super Bowl, this means you have to find a partner brand thats related to your business. Other bloggers, vancouver to Whistler a getaway can be a great prize idea if youre confident that you can turn even cooler leads giveaway into sales. The first is a free year or six months.