Xbox predictions for 2017. EA has been having a tough time with Star Wars: What went wrong and can it be fixed? We fondly remember everything Lionhead gave Xbox fans as the studio closes its doors http e 39792 h-giveaway-series-3ad429e15088 87sdjp 871228828 for good. the end of Halo 2, if he thought he'd be replaced after Bungie left Halo, and much, much more. EA drops some vague release date windows for Titanfall 2 and Mirror's Edge on their quarterly earnings call, so we take more specific shots at pinning them down as well as detailing why dice's E3 presentation of Mirror's Edge will likely either send the game's. We celebrate our 300th episode from E3 2017 in Los Angeles. 01:00:44 no 3?dest-id112512 Podcast Unlocked Episode 164: The Destiny Story Thu, 01:04:35 0000 Alleged NDA-breaking sources claim Destiny's story was very different earlier in development. Plus: Disney Infinity.0, more Star Wars Battlefront talk, our thoughts on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and more! So yes, we're auditioning. Plus: the Xbox One launch gets scaled back. BioShock Infinite's absurd special edition. We reflect on our experiences both positive and negative with the recent Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta and then Ryan gives his take on Halo Wars 2 now that he's finished. Our Xbox crew looks at Xbox's potentially revolutionary new All Access program. All of this and more! Plus: how we spent our Thanksgiving holidays, and more! But should it even happen? 57:57 no 3?dest-id112512 Unlocked Episode 275: Our Xbox Predictions for 2017 Fri, 00:10:09 0000 On this week's Xbox show, we quickly see how we did with our 2016 Xbox predictions before launching into our bold Xbox predictions for 2017. This week, the crew chats about a strange Gears of War lawsuit, and predicts Scorpio's launch lineup. The next Xbox had its official specifications revealed, and we discuss what it means for the console, for the price point, what the box might look like, and what Microsoft promises it will do for non-4K displays. Grand Theft Auto V joins Splinter Cell Blacklist in the summer/fall release window, but are either of 'em coming to next-gen consoles as well? The world's #1 Xbox podcast discusses. Our Xbox crew makes some last-minute Game Awards predictions that are sure to be comically wrong. Plus: what should Microsoft's next Scorpio move be in the wake of the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal event last week. Wed, 19:45:52 0000 Hilariously, we recorded this podcast Tuesday afternoon thinking Ryan would be out of the office Wednesday. Plus: BioWare says Mass Effect will return, but how and when?

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