best to make sure to aggregate the newest, and best giveaways for you to participate. Aiva, a planar magnetic headphone designed with zebra wood and a unique dustproof grill system that protects the driver. Effect Audios gorgeous line-up. 2019 TripAdvisor LLC All rights reserved. Supposedly the best closed-back headphones on the market right now, the rose gold babies feature Focals signature beryllium driver. Nothing makes me happier than a well designed DAC/Amp. We regularly scan the web for CS GO giveaways. If youre interested in geeking out at some seminars, Chord will be there to give us a rundown on their Hugo TT 2 and M-Scaler. This is good for you since that increases your odds of winning. A collection of custom elements of Android interface. But dont go jumping off any bridges just yet because Westone is releasing some new giveaways goodies. Usually, theyre showing off their tube amps. With 10 balanced armature drivers and a customizeable sound signature, they guys arent frequen around. The usual heavy-hitters, like Campfire Audio, Astell Kern, Focal, Chord, MrSpeakers, FiiO, Beyerdynamic, Shmeyerdynamic. Stax is coming to the rescue with some brand new stuff, like the electrostatic SR-009S new flagship. I dont know about you, but all this talk about snazzy cables has made me hungry for some electrostatic gear. Get out your Sunday best. I havent forgotten about my little Audio-Technica fans. Its time to play with some new toys and meet the gods who make our days worth living. The kind of give aways that do not require you to spend too much time in order to have a chance. MajorHifi is also super-excited to get its sticky fingers on qdcs new flagship, the Anole. Woo Audio will also be there with bells. Greetings, my fellow audio nerds. For a full list of exhibitors, click here. But what has especially caught our eye is the. Eat a pretzel and drink an overpriced soda. There are constantly a bunch of CS:GO giveaways.

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Breathable Italian leather earpads make taylor for a luxurious listening experience. And word is that Ultrasone will be giving huge discounts on models like the ulted15 and the ulted5. And lets not forget HifiMan, and how about the electrostatic srmd50 ampDAC to pokemon go with.