future of ecommerce? That's all changed since the release of Facebook's split testing feature and their dynamic creative feature. First of all, let's just clean the slate. Chatbots Mentioned in This Episode: Chatfuel Build Facebook chatbots without any coding. Standupbot Use it to organise your team by interacting with each member and collecting information from them to find out what everyone is working on and what they have achieved in the day. Head over to the podcast page on our website and leave us a comment there to let us know how you feel and what you do to try and avoid the down times. This is a great way to find out what keywords your competitors are using. Both Cristian and I have tried all three of these setups and we've learned some interesting things along the way. No No 25:37 32 full #30 - How to beat 90 of the competition on Upwork Fri, 09:00:00 0000 0:08:07 Opinews 0:44:12 Feature How to beat 90 of the competition on Upwork Head over to m to discuss this episode! James Altucher - His Ultimate Cheatsheet to Starting and Running Your Own Business Please Help Us Out: Our podcast content is free, but we just have one favour to ask: If you like the show then make sure to subscribe but most importantly, please leave. He's also made a massive donation to the international favourite, Ellen DeGeneres. . Could this more artesan focused platform stop all the protests from small privately owned Indian companies? Now, unfortunately, since we don't make any money from the podcast, it simply isn't feasable for us to keep this. No No 56:11 6 full #4 - 5 Email Sequences You need For Your Ecommerce Store Thu, 21:36:09 0000 Everyone talks about email marketing and how important it is, but when it comes to actually creating the emails, it can be kind of difficult. This really is one of the most important things you can ever doing with your. Links and Resources: The Four-Hour Work Week The book that changed the 21st century. . Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe on Youtube Head over to m/taketraction to discuss this episode! Don't be a stranger. When clicking on an ad, users will no longer be taken to another website but rather they will be able to complete their purchase directly from within Instagram, without ever leaving the app. . As of today (and for the forseeable future we're going to be creating shorter, 10-30 minute podcast episodes with just one topic. The topic of todays show is #productivity. Take Traction For more, head over to m "It's who we are that defines the business model we choose" Tweet this! One of those tools that has now does created native A/B testing features is Facebook Ad Manager. Links and Resources: #10 Dropshipping. So, what are you gonna do about it?

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