pins for the shield! Zip If your coordinates appear to be reversed, uncomment either or both of the lines below in tftlcd. There is example code that cycles through various screen patterns using each. On my board, I get a reading of 0xC505. . There seem to be variants of this shield that look the same or similar but function differently. . I have made some modifications to the library included with the board, and Ill include my files below. . Uses digital pins 5-13 and analog 0-3. #define YM 7 / can be a digital pin #define XP 6 / can be a digital pin #define minpressure 10 #define maxpressure 1000 / For better pressure precision, we need to know the resistance / between X and X- Use any multimeter to read. When I have more time, Ill see if I can improve it a bit. It wasnt until after Id started monkeying with things and noticing references to Adafruit in the code, that I realized there may be better options already out there. . Id like to start compiling information about the screens people are using. The next day, I decided to give it another go, so I got out my soldering iron and did my best to reattach the connector, despite the miniature nature of the surface mount pins. . Adafruit libraries here: displaying Graphics, the TFT library includes functions for drawing lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles and triangles, all of which can be filled or outlined. . Many users have had issues with reversed text and coordinate flipping using the same library I originally provided. . I posted an article with an updated source file. . There is an example called listfiles that spits out a directory listing, which is great for both testing that the card works, and as a reminder that youre limited abbreviated file names that turn a name https like burg_P into burg_P. After some trial and error, including finding the correct library, changing library names, altering include file references, etc., I managed to get something on the screen. . Studying the data sheet, I found that gram Access Direction can be altered such that after a writeData call, the next write address will be properly calculated based on the current rotation. . After I got the SD card reader working, I spent some time concentrating on loading bitmaps. . Source Code I have attached the tftlcd libraries with the modifications Ive made for rotation and positioning reliability as well as the bulk data load function Im using for displaying bitmaps. . The sample code that comes with the library has a few examples that load 24-bit bitmap files from the SD card and display them on the screen in various rotations. . #define YP A1 / must be an analog pin, use "An" notation! With that information, I modified the setRotation method to also change the gram access direction. The touch screen example software ran pretty much without a hitch from the beginning using the pin settings for the shield. . The data sheet provides details about creating a window within the screen, which you can specify the dimensions. .

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8 touch screen that looks very similar to this one. X bmpWidth 1, the firs thing I did was switch away from the 24bit bitmap format. However, i was looking more for a smaller footprint 8 seconds to load notreceive and display a bit bitmap 14 with free shipping from China I decided to give it a shot.