your car (either with the motor on or off) while you quickly run into a store or to do some errand. Win notices from foreign lotteries are even more suspicious. I have better things to do with my time. The flyer was labeled in the postage section as being from cheapautodeals a website that specializes in marketing these promotions. If they do require a dispute resolution agreement, check out the fine print first, and if it has the provisions weve just described, shop elsewhere. Sounds like there is a loophole. In 2014, the, atlanta-area Better Business Bureau issued a warning about these ads after a complaint from a woman who thought shed won. Some contain keys that you bring into the dealer to try for a new car. here are two examples of real parking lot scams that are very common, especially at this time of year: The parking lot peddler or white http p ongoing-giveaway-linky.html van scams involve people who drive white vans parked in neighborhood malls displaying signs advertising very inexpensive, but supposedly high. Got out my hand-lens and scanned the tiny print in the margins.

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This ploy sounds reasonable at giveaway first. When auto thefts are especially high. The lottery does not contact you to tell you that you won. Store your valuables and everything else. Digging through the tiny print I found only ONE hint that this might not be an actual winning ticket. But be very cautious, we recommend that you ask the car dealer whether or not they require an arbitration agreement before you look at any cars. Plus, lets get going with todays Special Issue. The sales person asks you to sign a Dispute Resolution or Conflict Resolution agreement.