jump into the horror genre with these Dead Space figures (provided to. Register for, dead Space Game Giveaway below. Conclusion, finally, a must play game due to the really extreme depth of the story and the sensation of dark and deep space horror. The Contest, in order to gain entry into this giveaway you will need to answer the following question Which character from the Aliens franchise is Isaac Clarke similar to? Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on a repair mission to uncover why. To unlock beta a Giveaway, you must complete a short market-research survey or offer. This rare sdcc exclusive figure is extremely detailed, with 20 points of articulation and LED lights in his helmet and on his back! All you need to do to enter is answer the trivia question. We wish you good luck on your giveaway prize! Be sure to check out the previews for Dead Space 3, coming out soon! It puts a cool tactical spin on how you engage these monsters. updated and the winner of our Dead Space 3 giveaway.: Andrew Constantine! The ship's crew is found horribly slaughtered and infected by alien scourge. The Prize, sDCC 2009 Isaac Clarke, isaac Clarke is the main character in Dead Space. Consequently, he steps into a nightmarish blood bath. (At the moment, the game only comes in these two platforms. Originally a systems engineer, he enlisted in the Merchant Marines, where he was sent to a mining ship to help with an emergency mission. This is done to make sure the giveaways are fair and honest, to combat bots and hackers from submitting invalid entries. Combat involves a mechanism called "strategic dismemberment. Not only did he follow all the rules to be submitted in the contest, but he even went as far to create a quick meme for it that we have shown here below: Thank you to everyone who entered the content and be sure. You have a chance to see for yourself in our exclusive giveaway.

This figure has 17 points of articulation and is the perfect battle opponent for Isaac. This is where the real nightmare begins. This game has an incredible atmosphere supporting disturbing imagery. The Necromorphs are the remains of infected crew members that attack Isaac while on his mission. It is packed with tense and very violent combat.