out boating, laughing and having a good time - oh, and attempting to use a near endangered whale shark as a surfboard. Through Gordon-Levitt's platform hitrecord, the duo collaborated to produce a song that the world was invited to participate. View Now Photographer Captures Scary Moment Colleague Grabbed By Whale Divers were about 25 nautical miles off the shore of South Africa checking out a naturally occurring phenomenon, when 51-year-old Rainer Schimpf shark fast giveaway com suddenly found himself trapped inside the mouth of a Bryde's Whale. All of us at Casa de Wisconsin Mommy sure are! Well, we can think of a couple of TV hosts to add to the list! The Bryde's Whale is not aggressive toward humans and is generally good at sensing when people are around. The company has already raised over 69,780 of its 100,000 goal and people taking the challenge are really feeling the heat. View Now More animal videos Celebrity Logic And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Inspire The World To 'Do What You Love' Remember last week when we learned all about an awesome new project from Logic and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? If you're afraid of spiders then coming across three in your backyard at the same time is literally the worst thing ever. Dogs like Marshmello are afraid and leary of humans after being abandoned, but after a good meal, a relaxing spa treatment, and some time, Marshmello is ready to trust again. That's why it's so cool when you come across a pod of seals swims past to say hello! When you imagine chocolate you may picture a creamy sweet treat, but with this latest challenge, things are heating up a bit! It probably won't help that The Walls Group performed a gospel version of the popular children's song for the baby featured here. View Now, you May Also Like, fin-Credible Diver Dances With Shark, shark fast giveaway com Boater Has a Whale of a Tale. For every Choco bar purchased, Fuego donates five dollars to prostate cancer research. Two episodes air every Tuesday night on cnbc starting at 8pm EST/7 CST. Man, good thing that trend is over YCH! That's why Matthew Farley came up with a brilliant idea. Love and music created the perfect symphony as Josh surprised his girlfriend with a romantic proposal she never saw coming. View Now, activists Rescue Endangered Shark, Fear Legislation Could Harm Many More "Shark Week" could jump genres into science fiction if shark fishing rates don't decrease in our lifetimes. It's back and this time it's a Santa Shark, so good luck trying to get the tune out of your head again! You won't believe your eyes when you see this scuba diver dancing with a tiger shark.

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Its one of our favorite shows to watch as a family. S bringing an awareness to its viewers of the top rated promotional giveaways importance of respecting creatures of all types. As itapos, t realize is that what they are doing is considered wildlife harassment. Colleague Heinz Toperczer was on the boat getting the perfect shot of Rainer hanging out of the whaleapos. View Now Celebrity Magician John Stessel Joins RTM And Leaves Us Stunned John Stessel is a celebrity magician and the Decipi cofounder whoapos.