Commonwealth WW1 BWM War Medal Bronze Unnamed a scarce bronze issue war medal for the Great War. Some slight rusting on the blade. This one named to Pirthijang Rai. Twiga Cement Company Tanzania Security Belt and Giraffe Buckle an unusual item. Approx.5" by 1". Ussr Former Soviet Union Communist Mini Wall Banner small vintage hanging pennant approx. Approx.5".85" with pronged fitting on reverse. General use type approx. Pressed metal wound badge with black finish. South African Police Badge in Perspex SAP Obsolete small collar size former SAP pre 1952 pattern kings crown badge set in plastic or perspex. Dated 1968 by FAM Co with item number ; 942.4299. Still a great item from this famous former Scottish Regiment of the British Army. The two are still joined. 2.1" by 2".5". A 1914/15 trio to Pte A Cook s and on the end a Regular Army lsgc to Sjt A Clarke. Marked on reverse Marine Corps Aviation Association. German Third Reich Mothers Cross Silver Grade First Type Reproduction believed an old copy. A great Home Front item. A few marks and some reaction toning of the finish. British Protectorate North Borneo what Police Cap Badge very rare white metal cap badge of this former colonial force. Russian UN Forces Badge Sarajevo 1994 an enamelled stamped metal Russian Aiborne wings emblem for Federal Russian Peacekeeping forces during the Bosnian War. Which looks like the L was an afterthought. Someone has placed a stain in corner. Swiss Shooting Medal 1947 Ehre und Treue an early post ww2 shooting medal. I assume Malaya or somewhere not far off. Ellis Co Ltd with lug fittings on the reverse. Approx.5".4" West Berlin Police Soft Cap Badge Set a carded lot of small size Cold War era German Police insignia. 1.75".5" with pin fitting on the reverse.

Royal Marines Rifle Association for the Aegean Cup 1920. Bermuda HMP Prison Service Cap Badge eiir a relatively scarce commonwealth prison service cap badge in chromed metal. Probably RAF connection, approx " bronze toned on the reverse so not sure of its composition. Centre approx, british Middlesex Fire Brigade Enamel Badge an unusual item. British Royal Air Force Embroidered Cap Badge eiir RAF machine embroidered RAF enlisted cap badge. German Federal Fire Brigade Fob giveaway Badge Rheinland Pfalz a vintage military style leather backed enameled metal fob badge for the Landesfeuerwehrverband RheinlandPfalz. Australian Commonwealth Military Forces Rising black Sun Cap Badge Stokes a good example maker marked bronzed metal Australian cap badge. Diameter plus left belt retention fitting.