disease resistance of the native 'fox 'muscadine and 'riverbank' grapes, and the superior sweetness and size of the Asian/European grape. The modern cultivated varieties probably derive from the central Asian Malus pumila, perhaps with incursions of genes from other species present in the area of origin, such as Malus sieversii. Lycopene, a carotenoid protective against prostate cancer, is present in some varieties in quite high concentrations, as it is primarily responsible for the bright red color of the skin. The ancestral pear, Pyrus communis, grows wild in the forests of parts of Central and South West Asia. Squamosa The Cherimoya and Atemoya of Western commerce have an African relative - the 'wild custard apple Annona senegalensis. Grapes are pretty easy to eat, and by the time you have snacked on 100 grams (around a dozen grapes, depending on size and adult will have satisfied about 18 of their recommended daily requirement of vitamin.

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