was actually really sharp but the gold on it scratched up easily. Definitely worth the cost of shipping. Great weight and feel. Pleasantly surprised with my mystery knife. I put two things in my cart I paid for two things and when I got my order there is only one thing and they basically told me they didnt believe me and I was screwed Not to mention this two dollar gas station nice. Love the knife it's my first folding karambit and it works chilliwack great Logan. 10/10 am gonna order more from this site. Its sharp and couldnt be more pleased. Love the knife and the company.

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I love the free knives but I was disappointed in the military one. This review is for the black silver knife. Nice lightweight knife that I can use at work. Thank you very much, it was smaller than arceus expected and the handle was plastic and not the same material as the others. M a huge knife collector and this is going with the rest of them and I will be getting more from blade city Gregory. Amazing knife with holster to carry around your neck.