sharpens both Asian style and European style knives) or I dedicate an hour and half of my time to sharpen with. A knife like the Shun or Misen should last you many, many years (my Global knives are going on their 9th year if you take care of them well. In terms of function, the knives perform with ease and precision I never had to work. It also reportedly makes the steel easier to sharpen, according. It would be too dull! Not only do they have a modern look, they also have a good weight which makes them feel great in your hand. The half-bolster also means I can use the entire length of the bladeand sharpen the entire length of the blade. The blade stayed sharp, it just needed a little honing to get it back into shape after heavy use. I say this Misen knife passed the test. Kickstarter and raised over 1 million on their concept for an Everymans workhorse knife. In contrast, the Japanese Global knives 4 5) are.8 and.2 ounces. Does it stay sharp? I moved on to another selection and found it sliced through http just as easily again, a perfect edge! Graphic from Misen: Misen is tempered at 58-59 Rockwell (higher numbersharder). However the free lifetime sharpening is something that is pretty cool. Im not an expert on steel, but from all the research Ive done the past week, it seems that AUS-8 is goodbut certainly not the best. You can change your mind and change your consent choices later at anytime. M, we value your privacy, our website uses cookies to analyze traffic and for advertising measurement. With wedding season upon us, these would make a nice gift! But Id never use the Global for cutting through thick roasts, squash or anything that requires a little more work. Free lifetime sharpening is appealing, but for the cost of shipping, I might as well get it done locally. You can either 1) Spend 150 for an electric knife sharpener 2) 8-10 per knife to get it sharpened locally 3) pay for shipping to Misen for free sharpening.

Section of our Privacy Policy, i have a steamykitchencom scary looking Chinese Cleaver for that job. Kickstarter and raised over 1 million on their concept for an Everymans workhorse knife. As you can see, honing is simple and fast, a knife that only costs 65 but that can rival a 200 version.