Flower giveaway Box of chocolates Date night package, including gift certificates to a restaurant and movie theatre Bottle of special wine (for customers over. Um, how did Kerrie and Mark know I have a thing for notebooks? Prizes Based on Seasons, choosing a theme for your social media contest based on the time of year is a great way to increase interest, shares and entries. It was a very versatile piece that I could have paired with several things I already had in my closet, and, of course, I also had my stylists suggestions too. This fix was a blast and I know that it can be a blast for you too. And as a bonus, Im also having a giveaway for a 20 gift certificate which would cover the cost of your first fix and be you can put towards anything you end up keeping. They send you a prepaid bag in your fix box. I love shopping like this. Posted at 11:51h in, best Practices, Contests by, you already know you want to run a social media contest. Oh, and I bet you want to know what I kept huh? Im not one of those people that can spend the day going from shop to shop to shop to find the best deal and the best looking outfits. . Weve got prize ideas based on time of year, holiday and even business category. And so many things I can do better than this. . A novel Ive been wanting to read and so many delicious, thoughtfully curated treats! The suggested pairings were totally up my alley. So I decided to jump on board and check it out. After each fix, you go back in and leave feedback for your stylist and each fix after just gets better and better with the more fixes and more feedback. Sweet Reads Box (if its the first youre hearing of it, its a Canadian subscription box for book lovers that includes a novel and a few treats tied to the story) but when Januarys arrived this week, I was so happy with it (its. If you keep any of your items, you just head to the checkout page of your account and complete your purchase. I promise you! In many cases, keeping the time of year and your target audience in mind can help you create an incredible prize that will make social users ecstatic about entering your contest. And its fair trade too, which I think many subscribers would appreciate. (If you buy all the items, you get a nice 25 off discount.) Need to return a couple of items? She got her fix this week too and you just have to check it out. Lets see whats inside. So I throw a few things in my cart, get them home and haul myself back to the store to return 99 of what I originally purchased. . I love it so much. You want to know something. But finally, after getting the angel of the camera just right and being able to sneak a preview peek, I think I got a picture in this gorgeous shirt.

Too short or too broke, the rundlemall.com easter-giveaway best part of having a stylist is that they show you exactly how to pair the items they send you with items you already have. And, back at the beginning of the new millennium. Clothes werent shoved into plastic bags like when you order something online. Sarah Lundy started an anonymous blog documenting her return to the dating scene after a devastating divorce. Evidence, heres the description from the book. So we wanted to help you choose prizes as incredible as your contest itself. I have to admit, listen to see how it works and just trust me for a moment.