might do after winning the lottery. Name an animal with a big mouth. Name something people like to take photos. Name something a king might insist he be buried with. Name something people chew on but do not swallow. Name something that makes noise on the kitchen. Name something little kids can do for hours on end. Name an instrument least likely to get a band member groupies. Name something that stains your teeth. Name something people all over the world might travel to see. Name one person you would take with you to a desert island. Name something most people know about Lucille Ball. First, pick a project! Which occupation in America deserves to earn the most money?

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Name something kids make for their parents in nursery school. Name something you blow, name a downside to eating peanut butter. Name a situation in which itapos. Name something you might do on a date. S something waiting odds for you at home at the end of a hectic day. What do you do, even though is taste good, name a kind of place where you run into the rudest people. Whatapos, name a food that a child might want instead of turkey on Thanksgiving. Name an animal you expect to see at a zoo.