easy it is to track entries, notify winners, and analyze results. If you havent already, nows the perfect time to start using. For example, a company may host a selfie contest encouraging users to take a selfie (picture of themselves) at their business or with their product and use a custom hashtag. Create the image for the post. For solo giveaways the image should be on brand, while putting focus on the prize. on time and with a comment on their original posts as well.

A bakery may run an Instagram giveaway for National Cookie Day. Rignite makes this easy school with a new Instagram campaign wizard. This is show the fairest way to blindly choose a winner. Heres a link to Instagrams promotion guidelines. Or do they have to share a personal photo using your hashtag. Select winners and alternate winners randomly. For loop giveaways the image used for the giveaway should be the same across all accounts so that folks know their in the right spot.