for my fans? Dont see a promotion that is a perfect fit? What are the gdpr Setting Options? Each author manages their own book and their own link, and the bundle takes care of the rest. Read our blog post about these gdpr Settings. Your privacy policy can be attached to your pen name. Set an alarm right on your dashboard and well let you know when a new promo is posted in your genre. But they are for mysteries and thrillers. Are my giveaway pages compliant with the gdpr? These gdpr settings do not apply because no one is being required to opt-in or consent to email marketing. The page and dialog look like this: Sign Up Page, sign Up Dialog, change mandatory to optional. Is it a 1960s Batman Villain? We are not lawyers. Statistics tell you how your promo is doing and which books are getting the attention. Add a countdown timer to create scarcity and prod procrastinators. All of those features, and it takes about two minutes to post. You get all of that when you create a promotion on BookFunnel. Consent to marketing giveaway winners tumblr doesnt apply because youre only sending the book to people who are already subscribed. Apply these settings to all readers. Apply these settings only to readers in the. Ready to build a group promo, but short on authors in your genre to promote with? Readers cannot download the book without consenting to join your list twice. But, for those of you asking, What is the Bundler? If added, it will be linked at the bottom of the signup dialogue on your opt-in giveaway pages.

You can craft the books block message. If https the wording is not a good fit for you. And it will appear on all of your mandatory optin giveaway pages across all books and all pen names. Select the option that will most satisfy the regulation. Sure, andor update all of your giveaway pages to use the language you prefer. Pages will remain mandatory for any reader outside of the. After reviewing the gdpr, but may mean that fewer readers will subscribe. This option pleases the lawyerlytype folks the most. Select a different option, because we aim to please, bookFunnels scrappy little weekend project that blossomed into a firstclass feature. But why would we stop at something you could technically build on your own website 2017, this is not a requirement of the gdpr.