pages at once. Note: You need an account level that lets you collect emails to build your list. First-Time Author, mid-List Author, bestseller, first-Time Author, mid-List Author, bestseller, need to distribute books by other authors? Annual Pricing Monthly Pricing. I didnt know every giveaway gay man in the Greater Toronto Area, but I knew enough of them. Your privacy policy can be attached to your pen name. Create a promo where three new books are added each day the promo goes. Review our plans for publishers and promo sites. I gave him a slight shove to get him walking, and that was evidently enough. It was too dark in here to see what colour his eyes were, but I could certainly see them widen in a mix of surprise and panic. Or, better yet, start your own promo now! This is not a requirement of the gdpr. Read our blog post about these gdpr Settings. Can I buy your next drink? Please create a, nEW link to your book so we can track stats. Author Topic: Bookfunnel Giveaway Opportunity - Grow Your List -Thriller - Mystery - Suspense (Read 1297 times). Readers in the EU will see a block message if they view your mandatory opt-in giveaway pages and will not be able to claim the book. Lloyd MacRae, anyone else want to join? I was so close, I couldnt cramp up now. A sharp pain ran through my side. Export a CSV of statistics to hoard for yourself or share with all of the participating authors. I I can help you!

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