Claude Gatotkaca Skill Revamped Akai Buff Roger Slight Nerf Reintroduced Pharsa to Brawl Mode 4 New Gear 4 Gears Removed 26 Gear Adjustments Flicker Increased Width New Game Mode : Survival Mentoring Program and many more. Gary and Gladion each own an Eevee, who both evolved into Umbreon. In the core game series, the player can obtain an Eevee, either as an Egg or a giveaway Pokémon by the PC creators (like Bill). Revamped Heroes: Queen of the Apocalypse - Alice Necromancer - Vexana released in original server. Eevee debuted in, the Battling Eevee Brothers. Queen of the Apocalypse- Alice Revamped New Skins: Johnson skin -.A.B.E.R Automata Buff Moskov Nerf Lancelot and many more. New Hero: Swan Princess - Odette New Skins: Odette - Black Swan Aurora - Heartbreak Empress Kagura Skill Revamped Harley Nerf New High Frame Rate mode and many more. Revamped Four Heroes: Nana, Kaja, Diggie, Chang'e, marksman, buff, johnson and, harith, adjusted Battlefield Gold and Minions Adjustments and many more! A little boy named Mikey was hiding the Evolution Pokémon from his three older brothers because they wanted him to evolve it just like they did to their own Eevee. New Skins: Saber - Code name - Storm Layla - Bunny Girl Added to the Fragment Shop Mage Role Buff Miya pewdiepie and Kagura Buff Magic Wheel Released and many more! Revamped Hero: Professor of the Mystics - Gord New Skin:.A.B.E.R Savior - Rafaela Hayabusa Buff Gusion Nerf Kagura Bug Fix Heart of Steel Name Changed to Twilight Armor Soul Disk and Spirit Wheel Name Change to Soul Scroll and Spirit Scroll Improved Item Icon. New Skins: Harley Skin - Royal Magister Bane Skin - Deep Sea Monster Moskov Buff Yi Sun-Shin Nerf and many more. Revamped Hero: Son of Minos - Minotaur New Skin: Super Adventurer - Cyclops Saber Nerf Yi Sun-Shin Buff Skin gift pack event and many more! Serena caught an Eevee in, a Frolicking Find in the Flowers! New Hero: Perfumed Knight - Lancelot Added Avatar Border Achievements Daily Quests New Skin: Miya - Honor Improved default skin's display sound effect for 4 Heroes Adjusted Marksman and Fighter Buff and many more. Lana owns an Eevee that befriends her Poppilo and her friends' other Pokémon and nicknames it Marin. Martis 's skin - Searing Maw and many more. Revamped Hero: Lord of the Seven Seas - Bane New Hero and Skins: Steel Sweetheart - Jawhead JawHead Skin - Boy Scout released in original server Bane skin- Deep Sea Monster Count Dracula Buff Gusion Banes Booty event and many more. February Starlight Exclusive Permanent skin Helcurt Buff Akai Nerf and many more. Vale, Badang, Lapu-Lapu, Hilda, buff, harith, Leomord, Kimmy, Sun, Claude, Aldous, Jawhead, nerf, lolita, adjusted Survival Mode New Content, Rank, Event, etc. New Hero: Windtalker - Vale Revamped Heroes: Son of Minos - Minotaur Shadow of Iga - Hayabusa New Gear: Wind of Nature Roger Buff Gatotkaca Nerf Bug Fixes for Fanny Kagura Turtle Gold Reward Reduction S9 Border Jade Path Event and many more. Rafaela and Chang'e Skill Revamp Aulrad name changed Sun Buff Martis Nerf New Events and many more. Pikachu, due to it's ability to evolve into different variations of types. Guinevere, released in Original Server! Starlight Protection Optimized Invalid Match system in Draft Pick and many more! New Hero: Ashura King - Martis New skins: Miya Valentine's Day Skin - Sweet Fantasy Redesign: Johnson and the skin Fire Chief Buff Angela Lesley and Valir Nerf and many more. New Hero: Time Traveler - Harith/Lanbert Moskov - Javelin Champion Released in Original Server Ruby, Aldous and Clint Buff Survival Mode Improved New Item: Odd Potion New Gamemodes: Deathbattle and Conquest of Dawn and many more! Best Expected 4th Generation Pokemon In Pokemon. New Skins: Yi Sun-Shin - Apocalypse Agent Zilong - Eastern Warrior Ruby Buff Miya and Tigreal Model Optimization Gear Adjustments and Changes and many more! New Lord Spawn giveaway animation Uranus Buff Vexana Nerf and many more.

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Phantom Seer Hylos Tiger Claw Belerick Fragment Shop Changes Vexana. Steel Elf Lolita New skins, meltan, new Skins. Aldous and Bane Ruby, khufra Adjusted Survival giveaway Mode Optimized Scoring Evolve Adjusted and Optimized Battlefield Feedback Optimized Invalid Match system in Draft Pick Starlight Privilege and many more. Company, new Hero, new Hero, franco and Akai Adjustments Minotaur Buff and New Skill Icons Improved Leomord Portrait and Skill Icons Fragment Shop Changes Improved Golden Staff to work with Zilong and Moskovapos. New Hero, leafeon Level up your Eevee near a mosscovered rock. Lunox and Harith Buff Diamond Draw Event and many more. New Hero, e Freya and her skin remodel New Skin. Roger Dr RogeroStein Fanny Nerf Irithel Buff Lancelot Optimized Trick or Treat event and many more.