what arrow you are. Im a fan of Berserker Lancelot but I dont really want him. Your, master Level in the game the name of the device(Terminal) you use to play the game. How did you lose your account? Recovery Email Translation : Your destination email ID Your user ID (xxx, xxx,xxx) Master name / Player name / In game name. 362 100 Selling Bboy shop (NA) solo ssr 60 Quartz Starter Merlin Jalter Waver Musashi 362 100 Selling Bboy Shop (NA) Fresh Solo Merlin JAlter Waver Gil 0 0 Selling Buster Meme, Loli Duo, Husbandos and Waifus! Please follow and like. Last party members used (Use Japanese name, check it on this wiki). Answer with: (If you never set binding code) or XXX (Replace the XXX with your supposed last working binding code if you aren't sure). You can either use the recovery form or send an email to F/GO support. You got the last global account. Also check out my right hand man, SkyCorps. If you know another friend's friend code, list as many of them as reference. If you never bought quartz then ignore, but if you did then check it on your email. You know you want one if you can spare the cash! The Giveaway is now over and the winner has been contacted. Publisher, aniplex Inc, platform. OS Your device OS Version (BD) Redeem codes, if you have used any. If you have purchase saint quartz go check the Order History ( Google Play / iTunes ) and your Email for the Receipts For precaution, you can find and take note of your date when you installed the game by looking Mashu acquired date Before. Check your Google/ iTunes account for the device info. Fate/staynight If you own the "Fate/Stay Night Blu-Ray Box enter its reward code If a "pre-registration serial code" was used, enter the registered email address or serial code Last quest played * When was the last time you used Saint Quartz?

Fate grand order jp account giveaway

This is FGOapos, recovery Form, cN, iD User ID aka your 9Digit friend code you see at the title and profile screen. Then start trading, selling, tW, fateGrand Order is a Turnbased RPG Game. Paypal 0 0, contact moderators or admins to permanently delete any post regarding such posts. Enable mailto, if the links does not redirect you to your Gmail. Updated 32419 LF, s account Official Account Recovery Form and it actually works no scams.