is not bark at all, but wood (usually recycled construction materials like pallets, 2x4s, etc.) that is shredded to look like bark. Mulch Delivered to this Location: Mondays and Thursdays. How to get there: Directions, north Hills (near Van Nuys Airport address: 16600 Roscoe. How to get there: Directions Van Nuys (near.C. If you live near a feed or livestock supply store, you can buy a bale of straw to use as mulch. North Hills, CA 91343. If any locations run out of mulch or you want to know delivery schedule. The locations span across the county from West.A. Some locations clear out quickly, so it's best to arrive on the day of, or day after, the mulch is delivered to them. How to get there: Directions San Pedro Address: 1400 N Gaffey. Address: 6001 Bowcroft. The Bureau of Sanitation is, closing The Loop by providing free quality mulch in 11 different locations throughout the City of Los Angeles that are open to the public. If you have some shovels and buckets and are not afraid of a little sweat, the best source of mulch - that also happens to be free -is the. If you're particular about the aesthetics of your garden beds, you can purchase bagged shredded bark from most nurseries and garden centers. Each location has separate operating hours and mulch drop-off schedules. Over the course of a few months, it decomposes naturally and creates rich school organic matter for your soil. Mulch Delivered to this Location: Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information call James Kurz: (818). Though the woodier mulch may seem to make more sense, keep in mind that it won't add as many nutrients to the soil each season. The parcel of land at Mission Road, previously housing air treatment facilities owned and operated by the Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation, now offers tree adoption and mulch give-away services. Very fine mulch (like compost) breaks down quicker and may need to be reapplied mid-season. Location addresses listed may be for the nearest property in the vacinity of the give-away. While attractive, a disadvantage is that artificially colored mulch is not the most eco-friendly pick as the dye will leach into the soil over time. An advantage to this mulch is that it's often dyed black, brown, or red to blend in with various landscapes. Rather than filling up the city's green waste bin with your clippings and leaves, redirect that mulch to your garden. Organic mulch is spread several inches thick over the whole garden bed, around the base of your plants, at the beginning of the season. Generally, woodier mulch (like bark) takes a longer time to decompose and will last a whole season. Boyle Heights is Now Open. Mulch Delivered to this Location: Everyday (except weekend).

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