example, you might prompt your audience to commit a random act of kindness and have them post a photo or video of them performing the act. You might also decide to use a giveaway event as a means to generate feedback from your most engaged customers. And this gag gift could definitely spinning wheel for prize giveaways make your brand stay top-of-mind for quite a while. If you have a really valuable prize or want people to work a little harder to enter, you can ask them to tweet about something like a favorite holiday memory or food, and even ask for a photo. Or, if your winners are already VIPs, you want to show them how appreciative you are of their business. Additionally, offering to personalize the individuals prize in some way shows your dedication to their satisfaction.

Like this one, whats your favorite holiday treat, youll gain a better understanding of how your customers use your product in a realworld setting. Allowing you to continue making improvements that relate to these specific use cases. This campaign has giveaway a lot to like about.