other, currently we are waiting for some proposals from the last couple of viable venues in Allentown proper for SaikouCon; viable in terms of enough space for a decently sized Merchant Hall, space for special events. 24 hours only, 12:01 AM ET, November 26 until 12:01 AM ET, November 27 all General Admission Pre-Registration Badges to attend SaikouCon 2019 are Buy One, Get One Free! The Manly Battleships will be presenting a variety of their signature panels and activities over the course of SaikouCon 2019 weekend, get excited! The site is also packed full of user reviews such as the ones in the screenshot below. SaikouCon is moving up to the mountains and slightly away from city life for 2019 and maybe beyond! The PayPal Shopping Cart we use to process Pre-registration Badge purchases will not show the second badge, all registration file adjustments are done on our side, your Registration Confirmation email, received within 12-48 hours following pre-registration purchase (registration confirmation messages are not automated, each one. Panel submissions for SaikouCon 2019 are now open! This is our seventh year in 2019 and our recently concluded sixth felt like the first again in all the wrong ways, so we hope you are as excited for this new beginning as we are! They all mean a lot to me, I appreciate your gifts anime giveaway 2019 and thoughtfullness very much! Stay tuned for several Featured Guest and Special Guest announcements over the rest of the week and maybe another Guest of Honor announcement this coming weekend! Stay tuned for news, we're hoping to have a new hosting venue and confirmed dates for 2019 before August, 2018 is out! Pre-registration for SaikouCon 2019 will be opening this Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 12 PM ET, Merchant Applications and Volunteer Applications will open on November 1, 2018 at 12 PM ET, Panel Submissions will be open in December 2018 (exact date TBD and Media Applications. 11/21/18 - SaikouCon 2019 Special Guest Bfarve Cosplay Our first Special Guest announcement of the year was also the first Special Guest announced last year, please welcome back Bfarve Cosplay! I was really hesitant to set up a GoFundMe campaign to help fund this film, but the truth is, we won't be able to give this project the justice it deserves without additional backing from all of you. Ciara is best known as Gia Moran, the Yellow Megaforce and Super Megaforce Ranger, the 20th and 21st anniversary seasons of the Power Rangers franchise. We're always happy to have as much of the Saikou Family with us as possible, and Dolly will always be part of our family, we hope you all feel the same! This key contains the following: Big Pack. Don't forget, our Mangagiving Contest is open until November 21, head over to the Events page to enter! Email Social Media Marketing. WildSpice previously joined us in 2017, and we're happy to have this Philadelphia, PA based cosplayer and photographer back with us for 2019! We are excited to welcome Ciara Hanna as a Guest of Honor to SaikouCon 2019! From Toms River, NJ! Will be allowed in the Dealers Room up to 20 minutes before opening to the public. Stay tuned for more announcements, including guest announcements, soon. Who else is freaking out?!?

January 5, available by 12152019, saikouCon is happy to welcome Cosplay Burlesque as Featured Guests to our 2019 show. SaikouCon News anime 4819, as in the past, workshops. To have Ciara with us for 2019. And debuting at the Kamenbudkai will be the SaikouCon Crown Wars.