only!" (He later realized he'd been snookered.). All students in need of housing are offer accommodation in dormitories of our campus. "Journalists, blog readers and YouTube viewers have recently been targeted with scams launched by organizations opposed to energy exploration in Alaska. Greenpeace and the Yes Men. Last month, Greenpeace, the Yes Men, and members of the Occupy movement used YouTube to make a supposed Shell event gone horribly wrong - that they had staged - go viral. Festooned with Shell Oil's logo, it purported to be a site dedicated to educating the public about Shell's drilling for oil up North. To Enter on Instagram you must: follow flySFO on Instagram and upload your Halloween image via your Instagram account and. BP was in the Gulf of Mexico. Greenpeace has apparently discovered that it's far more effective to ram Shell online than it is to send Greenpeace boats out to protest or to handcuff themselves to drilling equipment in the snow. Twitter's terms of use say you can't impersonate another person or account, but the site has not taken the "Shell Social Media Team" account down yet. Is this a successful parody, protected by free speech, or a case of corporate identity theft? Contest sponsor: San Francisco Airport Commission (SFO prize sponsors: San Francisco Airport Commission (SFO eligibility requirements: To be eligible for entry in the SpookySFO2014 Contest, individuals must: The #SpookySFO2014 contest is now closed. Combining a fake corporate site with a fake corporate reaction seems to legitimize the content, and convince or at least confuse most people on Twitter who have limited attention spans. And a false press release claimed that the company is considering legal action against the scam campaign says Shell in a statement. Our focus is on safely best promo giveaway items executing our operations.". Research work of future engineers in PNU is implemented in more than 20 scientific laboratories in dozens of student scientific societies and four student design bureaus. Students practice in the role of reporters and photographers, editors, broadcasters and TV anchors. Mandatory condition, for having higher levels of training than bachelor's and specialty studies is implementation of not only educational activities at the current level, but also conduction of basic and applied researches, creation of highly intelligent scientific and technological products - scientific discoveries, inventions, new. The account pretended to be frantically trying to contain the spread of ads created on the fake site. And Shell did not file legal action in this matter.

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