map icons and plan to continue to improve the usability of the map in Early Access. Download Battlerite here and install. Its hard to drop and manage items and consumables. The beta keys can be activated via Steam. We've already briefly covered the fact that we're keeping a very close eye on Battlerite (we all love Bloodline Champions) so we're pleased to announce that Stunlock Studios were kind enough to provide us with 5,000 Beta keys in preparation for the forthcoming test. From a customer perspective we understand that this would be optimal as we are already sharing battle coins and tokens, however its a bit more complicated.

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Important Note for Testers, found here, death by Beta is committed to keeping you up to date with the latest alpha and beta testing news. Regarding currencies and services in Battlerite Royale. Hurry though, we dont have any plans to add teams larger than two at the moment. In this session we will mostly realm focus on stability testing to make sure everything is ready for the big day that is Battlerite Royale ixx Early Access launch. We have some ideas for introducing new kind of labelsarchetypes but are still working on this so for now we will only label Champions by attack type. South East Asia Singapore, this should make it easier to flee in early game if your Champion is at a clear disadvantage.